Saturday, September 10, 2011

Juice fast day 10!

Howdy again everyone! I know it's been awhile again, and again, I apologize. Still didn't post about my dinner last month! (I will be posting recipes and photos, i promise!!)
I'm truly gonna try to post more often. Whatever it might be: a photo, a whimsy, anything fun and interesting enough to share basically. Such as this cool photo of my cupcake pan with fun new liners, how pretty is this? Very art nouveau I think. :)

I'm on a juice fast again (yes, already), and today is day 10, yay! After the 30 day juice fast I did this spring, this is nothin! I have found my greatest craving over the last couple days and it's a bowl of mixed steamed greens (mustard, kale, collards) with shiitake mushrooms, and onions all in a succulent rich broth. drooool.... I know what I'll be making when I finish this fast!

Today I made the BEST juice concoction yet on my fast and had to share it with ya. I could drink this everyday and never get sick of it. This recipe made about 2 quarts, so you can pare it down accordingly :)

3 Peaches
3 Nectarines
8 Carrots
A dozen strawberries
BIG chunk of ginger (about 4-5" chunk)
2 T. spirulina
2 tsp. coconut butter
Juice all fruit, carrots n ginger in a juicer. Then blend in your blender with the
spirulina powder and coconut butter. Voila!

If you're not strictly juice fasting, I think this would be great with additional spinach or swiss chard blended in, or perhaps a banana if you'd like it a little thicker. Flax oil too if you fancy it? Course I'm juice fasting, so I didn't wanna go too overboard. I suggest trying this combo though, while all the beautifully juicy stone fruits are still in season.

You can never get too much green in ya, and this is a scrumptious way to get lots of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and protein, all in one big fat green mason jar. :) Enj0y!!

thanks for the inspiring chat Clea ;-) Cheers to you!!