Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oatmeal and Prunes and Green Drinks, OH MY! OH YES!


So..... I didn't win anything from the Earth Balance contest, but the show must go on! I did win in the last contest after all! All in all, I do love a good fire under me arse to create somethin under the gun. Those are 4 delicious new things I may have never created had I not been prompted to do so. It's been nice to take this week off to catch up on life again, do laundry, eat good food, and swandive into my yoga practice again.

I shopped at the farmers market Sunday and got a BOUNTY of amazing fruits and vegetables! Here's what i got.... apricots, blueberries, granny smith apples, kale (2 varieties), sunflower sprouts and broccoli sprouts, tray of strawberries, and swiss chard. My mom was visisting for 10 days, so I haven't been cooking or doin anything in the kitchen these days, so it was good to recharge at the market.

Since my juice fast ended, my new favorite morning brekky has been oatmeal, and my oatmeal has never tasted so good! (Not to mention my body has never been so smooth movin! What tmi? too bad, welcome to my blog!) These days i put a sliced up apricot, handful of blueberries, prunes and walnuts, splash of So Delicious coconut milk (sometimes i even steam it) and agave. SO SO SO SO GOOD! This morning I woke up and it was cold and raining and I went to hot yoga and got home and made a hot bowl of this, and it was like sinkin into a hot bath. So soothing and nourishing! Which brings me to my new favorite food and spotlight of the week.... the humble PRUNE!
Who knew how amazing and wonderful they are? Read on....

As i posted on my facebook yesterday...... these dried plums aren't just for constipated old folks anymore! They're chuck full of antioxidants, Vitamin A to ward off pesky free radicals damaging your cells, Potassium for the heart and bones, and yes- loads of fiber. Natures Broom! Prunes' fiber helps hugely to normalize blood sugar, create a healthy environment of beneficial bacteria in your colon and will sweep you clean! Find them in the bulk section at your grocery store, eat a handful, toss em on your oatmeal or mornin cereal, or just eat em on the run-
your body will thank you!

My other spotlight this week (there can be two, right?) is the ever lovely green drink! I've been loving making them every day this week, as its such a fabulous way to get all that goodness in that sweet body of yours! I start with a coconut water and/or apple juice base and add in whatever fresh/frozen fruit or berries i have, a banana, several kale, chard, or spinach leaves, a teaspoon of spirulina, a teaspoon of maca, splash of agave, half an avocado if i have it, and flax oil. The beauty of the green drinks and smoothies is that you can toss whatever you want in there and it's most likely gonna taste delish. :) So go ahead and augment and throw in whatever you love!

To end this post, I'd like to share the simplest yummy *sprinkle* for your oatmeal, yogurt or also to toss into smoothies. In your coffee grinder combine 1/4 cup of flax seeds (brown or golden), 2 T. chia seeds, 2 T. date sugar and 1 tsp. cinnamon. Whizz it all together until it forms a lovely soft powder. Store it in the frig and sprinkle away to your hearts content! Get those omega fatty acids people! Can't go wrong with this fiber rich, sweetly spiced powder. I'm excited to play with this and maybe add cacao nibs and almonds. I'm about to make my oatmeal blush, it'll taste so darn sexy good! haha
Have a great week everyone, I hope you are lovely and flourishing~

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  1. WOW, Mickey! That all looks SO delicious! I love prunes. They're so wonderfully sweet!