Saturday, September 10, 2011

Juice fast day 10!

Howdy again everyone! I know it's been awhile again, and again, I apologize. Still didn't post about my dinner last month! (I will be posting recipes and photos, i promise!!)
I'm truly gonna try to post more often. Whatever it might be: a photo, a whimsy, anything fun and interesting enough to share basically. Such as this cool photo of my cupcake pan with fun new liners, how pretty is this? Very art nouveau I think. :)

I'm on a juice fast again (yes, already), and today is day 10, yay! After the 30 day juice fast I did this spring, this is nothin! I have found my greatest craving over the last couple days and it's a bowl of mixed steamed greens (mustard, kale, collards) with shiitake mushrooms, and onions all in a succulent rich broth. drooool.... I know what I'll be making when I finish this fast!

Today I made the BEST juice concoction yet on my fast and had to share it with ya. I could drink this everyday and never get sick of it. This recipe made about 2 quarts, so you can pare it down accordingly :)

3 Peaches
3 Nectarines
8 Carrots
A dozen strawberries
BIG chunk of ginger (about 4-5" chunk)
2 T. spirulina
2 tsp. coconut butter
Juice all fruit, carrots n ginger in a juicer. Then blend in your blender with the
spirulina powder and coconut butter. Voila!

If you're not strictly juice fasting, I think this would be great with additional spinach or swiss chard blended in, or perhaps a banana if you'd like it a little thicker. Flax oil too if you fancy it? Course I'm juice fasting, so I didn't wanna go too overboard. I suggest trying this combo though, while all the beautifully juicy stone fruits are still in season.

You can never get too much green in ya, and this is a scrumptious way to get lots of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and protein, all in one big fat green mason jar. :) Enj0y!!

thanks for the inspiring chat Clea ;-) Cheers to you!!


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  2. I've been wondering about adding coconut butter to a juice fast diet - thanks for posting! Do you think it has any adverse effects? Do you include daily or just on occasion? I have been having a tablespoon or two once a day. It totally staves off my cravings and hunger for anything else.

    I'm only on day 4 and not sure how much longer I will go.

  3. Hi there Gentle :) Thank you for the comment!
    I hope your juice fast went well, congrats on even taking the initiative to try it! I'm no health expert or certified nutritionist, but when it comes down to it, i always say listen to the body. If the coconut butter is helping you to complete any sort of juice fast, so be it! When I did that 30 day juice fast, one day i blended some coconut butter with an avocado and carob powder and coconut water cuz i needed something "naughty" and that's what i came up with, haha. Still liquid, had some thickness to it, and it did the trick. However, if you're really really trying to do the best flushing/cleansing/give-your-body a break "fast", then no, i dont think taking oil daily is that great as your body needs to expend work to break down and assimilate those fats. Compared to the delightfully breezy light quality of fresh juices and water, it's a bit more work to digest. Hope that helps some, and again, great job :) thanks for reading my blog!