Monday, September 2, 2013

You've got KALE!

Kaled it with this blog title ;) 
Anyhoo, after a much celebrated birthday month in August of all my beloved Leos (including myself!) and Virgos, I decided it was time to take it easy and commence another juice fast. (Maybe this should just be a juicing blog, I'm starting to feel like the only time I blog is when I'm juicing!) I'm sorta calling it a 21 day green challenge too, but it's also a 21 juice fast. I'm excited, because it's been awhile since doing a fast! I'm one of those weirdos that actually loves doing it and can stay motivated and committed, thank goodness. I wanted to share a couple of gems of the last month.... 

KaleKubes! (patent pending) ;) 

My sister and I raided our second cousin's garden while he was away at peak harvest this summer, and we came home with a gigantic 5 gallon bucket packed firm with kale. Even I wasn't sure what I'd do with all of it! 

(small part of the kale booty)

We split it and I ended up making some delicious raw kale chips in the dehydrator, 

but it still left a ton of kale. Well, I came up with these, KaleKubes... 

Super easy to make! In my Vitamix I combined apple juice and a crap ton of kale. Blended up it smelled of wheatgrass! It's very potent and concentrated kale in these cubes. I suppose if you wanted to simply preserve kale to use in soups, you could puree the kale with water and then you'd have some nice green to finish any soup. I chose apple juice, so I can add these to smoothies. As you can see, it worked like a charm! 

I'm not entirely in the throes of juicedom/soley fine liquids just yet on this fast, and it's always best to ease your body into a fast, so I decided to make a yummy pureed soup. One of my favorites is a chilled avocado soup- super creamy and very satisfying! Here's what went into the vitamix:
2 cucumbers
2 avocadoes
2 tomatoes
1 ear of sweet corn (kernels cut off)
2 garlic cloves
1/2 small jalapeno 
1 bunch cilantro
1/2 lemon, juice of (lime would be great, too!)
sea salt to taste

Voila, instant delicious raw, nutritious soup! 

Speaking of all those celebrations in August, here's a sweet note to end on... 
Chocolate & Zucchini Cupcakes with Basil Ganache

Cheers to your health! xoxo