Monday, May 9, 2011

Contest done! Whew!

Spring has sprung, and the Spring to Life contest has now ended!

Yesterday was the final entry day in the last category, dessert (how appropriate). Last week's, which I haven't posted about, was the entree category (entry listed below!). Winners will start to be announced starting tomorrow, and will be throughout the week. OH the anticipation! There will be 8 winners (2 from each category) and ONE grand prize winner who will be flown with a friend to NYC and be pampered at an Aveda spa, eat til you explode at the fabulous Candle 79, and stay in a hotel for 2 nights. Please and thank you. :)

It really was a fun and busy last four weeks again, similar to the Holiday Bake Off Earth Balance held back in December-minus the holiday craze. PHEW, kinda glad it's over, but also kinda sad, it sure was a tasty past month! It consumed my thoughts and any spare time I had shopping at the store and farmers markets, recipe developing, blogging, taking photos and doing endless dishes. It's always so inspiring though, to have that fire under the ass prompting you to keep driven and produce something new each week. I love that! So now that it's over, here's a recap... and this sure would be a LOVELY meal now that I'm recapping it....

Bon Appétit!

Appetizer: Root Vegetable Fritters with Herbed Caper Cashew Aioli

Side Dish: Roasted Spring Vegetables with Herbed "Butter"

Entree: Tarte a la Tomate

Dessert: Coffee and Toasted Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwiches

I will of course post an update, should I hear of any particular good news this week.... Thanks to all of my friends for their helpful advice and tasting my creations along the way! :D If I win this trip to NYC, I'm having a big dinner party bash to celebrate! Keep yer fingers crossed!!!


  1. Wow those all look amazing! Sending good thoughts your way...

  2. Thank you Blind Lady for all your support :)