Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hop to it!

It's that time of year again, when you see the girl scout cookies being sold all around you. I was never a girl scout myself, neither was my sister, nor were any of my friends girl scouts. So I grew up not knowing what the deal was with the famed girl scout cookies. My parents never bought them either, so again, no idea. My dad DID, however, have a sweet tooth and often bought Keeblers Grasshopper cookies, which I LOVED! Same cookie basically,
but with a different name.

I adored the chocolate-mint combination (and still do), the crunchy and minty wafer cookie enrobed in chocolate. I could devour over a dozen in a sitting! I remember in the winter after school sitting in front of the heat register and patiently melting the chocolate on the outside, licking it off and then eating the cookie, all with a big glass of milk. :) Alas, after I went vegan I never gave them a thought again... similar to many things I suppose, like I said about the scones too. I'm really happy this vegan cookbook project has come about, as I get to revisit and recreate my old favorite pastries and other baked goodies! hmmm, what else...... :)

The result, I am pleased to say, came out quite convincing! I would like the texture to perhaps be a touch crunchier and more wafer cookie-like, but they aren't disagreeable by any means! I would do a second batch and change up some ratios a little, maybe roll them a little thinner, and bake perhaps for another minute. If I did any number of those things, I think a crunchier wafer cookie would ensue. I did get pretty rave reviews about them from friends and my sis (who is visiting me this week with my new nephew! yay!). All said they were great and couldn't stop eating them. I, too, can't stop eating them! They are sadly, nearly gone!

Wafer cookies are quite similar to most other cookies. Flour, sugar, butter, salt, cocoa powder, vanilla and mint, and an egg. I generally don't use egg replacer in my baked goods, but I made an exception this time since I've never made wafers before. The texture is a funny one to nail, it's a fine line between crunchy and chewy. There are also different variations in the way you can produce the cookies- the log/slice method, or the cut-out method. I don't really care for the log, as for one, you can get kinda odd shaped "rounds" and also you don't get those cute little scalloped edges! I wanted scalloped edges. Thus, I did cut-outs. Put the dough in the frig for an hour or so to chill, then roll super thin and cut out yer lil rounds. Bake only for 10 or 11 minutes, cool, dip in chocolate and voila! Homemade vegan hoppers :)


  1. I wish you would have saved me some! Either you need to make them again or give me the recipe. Oh wait. I STILL do not have an oven so the former please. ;)

  2. Oh Clea, you will get some! Sorry, I was hoping Jeff would've snagged a couple for you, but I forgot to remind him! I'll make more!! promise :)

  3. I was lucky to get half of one and it was super tasty - i loved how light yet delicious it was. Loe this blog and project - Keep at it! :)

  4. I'm so glad you got to try a lil and liked it Patti! Thanks so much for reading, I'm excited to see you start your project too!