Thursday, October 4, 2012

Parchment Surprise!


Well, today I'm going to share a fun tip I experimented with successfully a couple of weeks ago. One of those fine days after my sis and I picked a couple bushels of apples, I made the most delicious apple pie. I had some extra crust from trimming edges, so I rolled it out and threw in the frig and forgot about it. 3 days later I pulled it out and thought, "what the hell, I'll just make a quick little galette and call it dessert". So I rolled it out a little more, it was kinda dry on the edges, but it worked. I threw in some cinnamon-sugared apples, ruffled its' edges and was about to bake it on a parchment lined pan when..... hmmm......

I realized the apples might not cook fast enough in the thin and fragile crust that encased them. So what if I steamed it? What's the worst thing that could happen? I've done it before with veggies, why not a fruit tart? So I grabbed the stapler and closed 'er up inside the parchment and waited. I baked it about 30 minutes, and was SO pleasantly surprised when I opened the little parchment package. Not only were the apples cooked to perfection, but the crust was PERFECT and golden! The bottom even caramelized from the fruits' juices, and that gave it a sweet gilded addition. It was, I might say, even more delicious than the pie I had made a few days prior so methodically and with such diligence.

Parchment surprise!

 So, boys and girls, try it out! I imagine it would work great for other firm fruits of this season too, such as quince or pears. Let me know what you think! How would you use this new (to me) discovery? Happy baking!

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