Thursday, November 18, 2010

All stocked up

Well, firstly, I dont know if you know about vegan MoFo (month of food) or not. I, as a vegan chef and blogger, feel like I should- but I don't. What rock have I been under eh? I found their wordpress site today which has a list of about 600 (!) or so other vegan bloggers, much like me, documenting their vegan culinary encounters. My god, I suddenly feel so small and unheard! I only got to lookin at about 20 of them and was then exhausted of bloggery. Well, here's the answer to my question, I guess I feel at home with them :) Yah MoFos!

I had good intentions in starting my day off today- I got right to work on a big beautiful pot of stock in which to make some sort of delicious soup for dinner tonight. At work I scored a big bag of plucked shiitake stems bound for the trash (sacrilege!). I tossed them in a pot with a couple of onions, head of garlic, a few carrots, some fresh parsley, black peppercorns, celery, a couple old scallions, and a few sprigs of thyme from me garden. Made my house nice and steamy and smellin goooood on this crisp November day!

Alas, I had many errands to run also today. One of which was to pick up the Beaujolais Nouveau! Yay! I scored a bottle of the french delight at whole foods this evening, and I'm waiting for my sweetie to get home to enjoy the first taste! Beaujolais Nouveau comes out the third Thursday of November every year. It is a young wine only having been fermented for 3 weeks, but it is a juicy yummy wine that I enjoy greatly and have been looking forward to! This years bottle is sure to be a great one, much like 2009 which flew off the shelves and was short lived. I may have to stock up on this years'.....

Another errand was to go to the Co-op to descend upon their bulk spice section. I've been out of several spices for awhile, and I finally stocked up. Sage, peppercorns, basil, onion powder, cumin, dill weed, thyme, and punkin pie spice mix. YAY, love getting new spices! I also went to the store hungry, which we all know is a bad idea. It was then that my soup making was thwarted. I ended up buying some elbow pastas and Wayfare Foods "we can't say it's cheese..." cheddar-y goodness. Hello instant mac n cheese! It's been AGES since I've had mac n cheese. As if that wasn't enough for a night of cheating in the kitchen, I also got some Gardein strips of breaded comfort food. Oh well, every chef needs a night off every now and then. It was easy and delicious so there. I did pair it with a lovely Malbec, too! ha!

I did end up with a nice 4 qt. cambro of delicious vegetable stock, ready to go for tomorrow. I can't decide what soup I'd like to make- creamy potato cauliflower or a more hearty mushroom barley. My inclination of course is the barley soup, as I have all of those shiitakes infused in the stock. Yes, there it is, I've decided. Mushroom barley it will be! Enjoy the pre-holiday weekend and the crazy shopping ventures! Happy cooking everyone!

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