Thursday, January 20, 2011

No frills? YES FRILLS! and other juicy inspiring bits....

Wow, what a beautiful, inspiring and busy week I had! So busy I had to skip my recipe of the week last week, eek! I'll make up for it hopefully tonight.... Something heart shaped is on the docket :)

I had a new delightful client last week! A lovely and sweet couple who heard of me through another client, love that. They wanted to do a raw food cleanse and brief 3 day juice fast, and I assisted them through it. They were all about it and so excited to dive in. They bought a juicer and opened up their kitchen and their hearts to me and completed 7 days of raw foods and juicing! It's moments like these that I just LOVE my life! Helping others to better their health and showing them how it can be easy and possible, then to see the joy and good feeling it brought to them, just melts my heart. I wish I could do it every week for different people, helping them improve whatever aspect needs improving in their diets. Perhaps soon....Speaking of improving your diet and inspiration.....

I don't know where I've been, but I was recently turned on to the lovely and inspiring Kris Carr, of Crazy Sexy Life and even more-so of Crazy Sexy Cancer. (featured in this months VegNews) This gal beat a rare form of stage 4 cancer, and tells her prickly, heroic, painful and cancer-embracing tale in a movie documenting the whole scenic route along her way. Now she has put out a book called Crazy Sexy Diet! It sounds so dear and so fun and life-changing, I ordered mine yesterday! She's already number 1 on Amazon! So awesome! Through yoga, green juices every day, cutting out starches and sugars, eating only what could be harvested from a garden pretty much, and A LOT of self lovins, she has kept her cancer from growing for (I believe) 8 years now! Just go to her website, watch some vlogs, watch her movie, buy her book.... this woman needs to be in every body's focus right now! It's scary how unhealthy our country is with cancer, autism, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, you name it- they're all increasing every minute! We all need to be educated and share that information with everyone around us!! Like good ol' Ghandi said, Be the change you wish to see in the world! She sure is doing that, I love her :)
So, after all that inspiration just filling up my heart and being, I headed to the farmers market yesterday and bought some beautiful fruits and veggies! YAY! Between my new clients and Kris Carr, I was really feeling like I've been missing my fresh juicing and greens. Thank god for all the beauty and inspiration in our lives!

So, today I sauteed some of those delightful Red Frills Mustard Greens! Wow, so dang delicious and spiiiiiicy! I sauteed some garlic and steamed the greens and then made a pot of creamy polenta with the addition of.... doo doo doo dooooo: Way Fare Foods "We Can't Say it's Sour Cream". They just released this splendid creation in the last month or so, and my friend Jesse who works at Windmill Farms grocery store picked one up for me to try. (thanks Jesse!) I'm always a little apprehensive to try such dairy free concoctions- they might be a weird consistency or color, or just not palatable at all and tasting of wallpaper paste. I tried a straight up spoonful of the stuff and was pleasantly surprised! Before I knew it I was dippin greens in it, dippin crackers in it, and then scooped a whole mess of it into my polenta. Mmmmmm-mmmm! What a yummy and satisfying meal! In the end, a big thumbs up for Way Fare's Sour Cream product, I likey. :)

Earlier in the day, this morning kicked off with a tremendous brekky! My dear dad got me a cast iron double sided griddle for Christmas which I've been dying to try out. Well, today was the day for blueberry pancakes! MMMM! My mom also sent me an entire QUART (love her) of Wisconsin pure Maple syrup. I was all set, just needed a free morning for me and Ian to finally make them. The result was probably the best pancakes I ever made.... sigh. We both had pancake bellies of contentment- I think I ate 4 and Ian 5. If you enjoy making pancakes, I highly suggest the investment of a big griddle. I made them all so fast, you can fit about 5-6 on there at once! Not to mention the great even cooking of the cakes, perfectly cooked through, fluffy and golden brown. I will post my recipe for them soon, they're not to be missed!
Lastly, I had a MOST delightful package come over-nighted and packed with ice.... what could it be???? Gasp!

Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! It's the newest secret flavors of Whole Soy & Co's yogurts to be released early this year! Key Lime and Plain UNsweetened. I was so flattered, they sent me the newest flavors to try out and review!! They're the best lil Soy yogurt company ever! Needless to say, they're both superb! The key lime reminded me when I was a wee kid back in the sweltering hot and humid Wisconsin summer nights, and our salvation was popsicles. My dad would always get these "Tropic Pops" with flavors like coconut, pineapple, and I remember a lime one being in there too. The second I tried this key lime yogurt, it was a cooling and refreshing feeling, I could almost smell the sweet Wisconsin summer air. So yep, this is a winner for sure! Smooth and creamy with lil lime bits.... you could almost just pour it in a tart shell and eat it like dessert! The plain I've had for breakfast a few times now, throwing in some blueberries, banana slices, flax oil, hickory nuts and granola. Makes for a fine start of the day! I'm anxious to try it out in a savory dish next, like a mint and scallion yogurt with curried spicy seitan or something. slurp.

What about desserts and the vegan cookbook project? I'm on it, don't you worry. More on that in the next couple days. I'll be bringing you some early ideas for Valentine's Day with recipes #2 & #3 of 52. Just wanted to pipe in about some healthy other foods and things that have been inspiring me. So much juiciness and beauty I must share with you!

Thank you so much, if you are reading here, I'm grateful to have any readers at all as I share and spill open along the way. Much health and love to you! xoxo

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