Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Handheld heaven

Holiday Greetings!

This week was another exciting one in the baking world, as Earth Balance has kicked off their month long Bake-Off! Four weeks, with four categories of baked goods, and all must feature the lovely butteriest of vegan spreads- Earth Balance. What's the prize..... a $400 Whole Foods gift card and a year supply of Earth Balance, thats what! It sure fired up my oven!
I really hope I win :)
So the first weeks theme was the humble pie.

You know, it was really hard to decide what the heck to make! There's MILLIONS of recipes out there in the world and I just didn't know what to choose. Then I started thinking of something individual, like mini pie-lettes, and then thought of HAND PIES! As I said in my recipe I submitted, they're like the cupcake of pies! So cute, and all your own! No messy pie cutting, slicing and trying to get the perfect slice outta the pan..... just grab with yer lil mitt, devour and enjoy. So I got to work! I had some apples and cherries on hand, so that was my filling. I added a lil almond extract and slivered almonds, and they were divine! The crust came out better than it ever has before, it was so golden and flaky it was incredible. I finally nailed the perfect pie crust!
If you are interested in trying your hand at these fine hand pies, here's a link to the recipe I submitted.

cross yer fingers i win!!

There will be many more delicious postings if I have $400 to spend at Whole Foods!
This weeks bake-off challenge.... BARS! hmmm....... what to do, what to do.... When I figure it out, I'll let you all know!

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