Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wooo! Hello friends, busy week since thanksgiving, it's good to be back on here and sharing the goodness!
Most exciting news of the last week was that Whole Soy & Co. started their "vegan chef of the week" feature, and (ahem) yours truly was featured this week!

It's a short blurb, interview and a couple recipes I created with their delicious yogurt. I'm pretty excited about it :) You can see it here. Thank you Whole Soy!! If you haven't tried their amazing soy-gurts yet, it would be well worth your time as they are the best! I buy it all the time.

Back to a week ago, I cooked up a few delicious items I'd like to share from thanksgiving. Remember this delightful creature? haha, last time to see her for another year!!

I attended a fun dinner at a friends house and brought some of my own food to share with the group. Cranberry/apple/orange sauce, roasted squash purée, my all time favorite STUFFING, onion gravy, pumpkin (rather squash) pie and onion & sage biscuits! Whew! It was a great day of kitchen creations. I just wung (?) winged, wanged... all of the recipes, but I hope to put some of them up. It's always hard to document as I'm cooking, but I'm getting better at it, I promise! Here's some food porn of that day....

Squeezing fresh oj for the crans, and cookin em down in a pot

Scrumptious, homemade crunchy croutons for the stuffing, and the later components

Roasted assortment of squashes for the pie and for the side dish

My favorite lil old fashioned hand blender that works so darn well, making pie crust

I was blessed to have been given my great-grandpa's very own rolling pin from the late 1800s, it weighs a ton and doesn't mess around, it's one solid piece of wood!
I wish I could've known him and his baking.

Lovely lil spiced squash pie

My brilliant lil sage plant about to be used for biscuits

Finished biscuits! mmmmm! I used a mini muffin pan so they're adorable and you can eat 6 of 'em and not feel quilty ;-)

My newest creation, Mick-muffins :) Leftover biscuits with gimme lean vegan sausage and gravy. (yes, this was indeed effin delicious!)

That's all for my thanksgiving recap, and here's a lil picture of Moi captured amonst the cooking frenzy :) Au revoir!

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